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GHS's High School First Responders Team  [HSFR]                                      

 GHS's HSFR TEAM MEMBERS  2015-2016   WILL YOU BE ON THIS YEAR's TEAM?                 

EMS Liaison Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12   2016-2017

  Paramedic,    - Kirsten Mc.  

Bridgette D. Keegan A. Jade B.             

Interested in this amazing opportunity?  

We have room to bring aboard 4-5 new members.
At least 4 of those people are required to be in Grade 10.
To apply,  you must submit (a) & (b) to Miss St. André
before  November 15th

(a)application & confidentiality form (outside Miss St.'s room)

(b) a professional cover letter stating: why you would be an asset to the team; why you want to be a part of the team;   your academic standing;  your occupational goals, and you must meet the following requirements:

(c) be able to attend all 4 training days: Dec 9, 10, 11, & 12, 2016,   and

(d) meeting your academic potential in all of your classes according to your teachers

(e) model GHS's values of respect, empathy and responsibility

Boston L. Leanne D. Priscilla D.  
Teacher Liaison Yehbin J.  Amber D.  Taryn H.   
Miss St. André
Mykenzie S. Maddie E.    
Walker W. Kyle S.     
    Shae-Lynn S.    
  Alley W.     


‚Äč  GHS's First Responder Team was the first to be established in Peace River School Division.  In the 2012-2013 school year,   we presented this incredible opportunity to  our students to gain first hand experience in emergency medical services ,and to provide immediate medical care to our school community.

 Our team consists of a maximum of 15 high school students trained by EMS  professionals  in the areas of pre-hospital care assessments, Extended Standard First Aid (adult and child), CPR, Automated External Defibrillation (AED), and Oxygen Administration.    


"Program content has been reviewed and approved by Dr. C. Lewis, Medical Director, Alberta Health Services EMS North Zone. Our responders follow the treatment Medical Control Protocols (MCP's) established for our provincial Medical First Responder’s (MFR’s)."  (High School First Responder Teams

For more information on training,  Image result for blue click here button

   HSFR Team Members    who are in good standing* can receive up to 36 additional high school credits.

*Good standing means the student is reaching his or her academic potential in all enrolled courses,  has not failed any courses, and is model ling good behavior and attitudes at the school.   The teacher Liaison monitors the above monthly and should a student fail to meet standards, he or she will receive one warning and deadline to get back on track.   

 3 HSFR team members are on call daily to be the first to respond to any medical emergencies or traumas that arise in the school, treating and staying with a patient until they are able to return to class, or,  if deemed necessary: a parent is called to pick up the patienand arrives on scene or an ambulance is called and arrives on scene.

To visit the HSFR website, or for further questions,  Image result for blue click here button 


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